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Omaha Wedding Photographers

Omaha Wedding Photographers

Pierre Kenal LouisHello my name is Pierre Kenal Louis. Based in Omaha, Nebraska, I am a photographer and shooting a wedding, Quinceanera, Sweet 16, or special occasion and capturing a moment that will be forever memorable is something I always look forward to as a artist in capturing. I take a different approach with the photographs that I capture and create with my lens. I do not have the most expense camera and set of lens, but the tools I do use I apply them to my photography development and shooting the best I know how. I consider myself among the best of the Omaha wedding photographers around, but that is just my opinion. I do hope you find my work appealing and choose me as the man for the job in capturing in light your memorable moment.

I am a visual artist, graphic designer, photographer and blogger of Kenalsworld. I have enjoyed creating art since the age of 4 and continued to pursue a career in graphic design, web development, photography, and more. I compose digital drawings as well as real mediums, such as acrylic, graphite drawings, watercolor, pastel and oil. Art is a big part of my life and I am glad to be able to share it with my blog viewers and potentially the world. Being a photographer is not too far from being an artist because I do my best to capture people’s essence and presence. Everyone have a different personality and a still image can definitely capture that as a moment stopping time itself.

As a student and professional graphic artist over the past 5 years I have done quite a few photo-retouching and editing projects. All of which helped developed my eyes for what I believe to be good composition. Though my photography experience have been much focused on fashion and beauty photography, there is nothing like capturing someone’s emotion and celebration.

omaha wedding photographers

Omaha wedding photographers

The Best Omaha Wedding Photographers Around

Originally I am from West Palm Beach, Florida. However I have resided in Omaha, Nebraska for the past 3 years and have been fortunate to meet several great individuals, fashion designers, models, musicians, other Omaha photographers and build a web of different variety networks in Omaha. Do not be a stranger to my online portfolio to view a wide range of the works that I have shot, designed and even painted over the past years as a visual artist.


Creative Omaha Wedding Photographers

Kenalsworld.com is a mixture of my art, design, photography and music. It is a full world of creativity that I created to share my different skills in the art field with individuals all around the world through the power of the internet.

My portfolio includes fashion photography, event photography, portraiture, digital paintings, graphic designs, brand logo designs and much more. Below are a little bit more information about me and my point of view and take on the use of photography through my eyes in relation to the moments I set out to capture.

best omaha wedding photographers

omaha wedding photographers rates

Call Today To Book Me Among The Omaha Wedding Photographers Around.

Tel: 561-351-9224

Email: info[at]kenalsworld.com


Kenal   Louis

KenalLouis – Photographer,Designer, Poet, Musician


Kenal Louis

I appreciate every visitor that visits my website so be sure to follow me below on Twitter and Facebook.

Twitter @ Kenalmusic


Among The Best Omaha Wedding Photographers Around
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