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Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography by Kenal

Wedding Photography Captured by Kenal

Weddings are special occasions; in some cultures it is more sacred to certain people than others. However, a wedding is a lasting memory that will always be a part of the two people who decide to commit their entire lives to each other. To become unified through vows and  an exchange of promise to love, to cherish and to forever care until death separates the two.

In 2013 I begin a journey by capturing two very special moments and events in the Fall of 2013. This would be the beginning to me expanding my creative eye and ability to capture the moment by building a special portfolio with my wedding photography works and many more weddings to come in 2014.  Having done a lot of fashion photography, Omaha Fashion Week and various live events my ability to capture the moment enhanced. Whether it was by capturing a candid shot or a portrait that expressed a mood I gave my best at everything I did.

If you are looking for a wedding photography photographer you have landed on the right page. Be sure to visit my other creative works in high fashion photography as well as my creative portrait photography section of the website. I can be reached via the contact page and by phone below to book a wedding or event date in the coming seasons.

Pierre Kenal Louis
Phone: 561-351-9224
Email:  info[at]kenalsworld.com

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