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Original Artworks For Sale by Contemporary Art Artist

Original Artworks For Sale

original artworks for sale by artists

Pierre Kenal Louis | Online Original Artworks For Sale Of A Geisha

The Japanese tradition are also something which I’ve been fascinated with for a long time as a fighting techniques lover and Asian women admirer. Japanese women are among the most breathtaking as well as exotic ladies on the planet. The food, fighting styles, architecture, as well as technologies within Japan are all stuff that are indeed wonderful and this artwork is one thing which i created to recognition that and the actual culture of Japan.

Inspired by Japanese Culture An Original Artworks For Sale of a Geisha

The Geisha is one of the most identifiable forms of portrayal and meaning associated with Asia, its tradition and it is beauty.This art piece from my personal unique works of art on the market online had been inspired through the movie Memoirs of a Geisha. A geisha is really a expert Japanese woman who’re designed to entertain clients by various forms associated with performing arts.

Creating cultural art is something I have found interesting because sometimes it pushed me to do deep research regarding a certain culture or group of people before I can start painting or designing. I have long been fascinated with not only Asian culture, but also with Arabic, Greek and French culture.

As a child I grew up in a very diverse household where my older siblings exposed be to a variety in style of music. We listened to Latin, French and American music. To some extent I can only imagine that this has influenced who I have become very much. My love, passion and desire to experience the many special things that the world offers come from a root in music.

The “Geisha Sumber” is a testimony

Prices Range From $22 and Up On Original Artworks For Sale

One Of the many original artworks for sale that I have composed.

“Geisha Sumber”

original artworks for sale

Giesha artwork by Pierre Kenal Louis one of many original artworks for sale

The Psychology Behind The Colors

The psychology behind the colors that I use in creating the artwork come from my background as a graphic designer. Color has been used in advertisement by many brands in the past to direct their followers as well as consumers to feel a certain way in order to relate to the products or visual  works that they sought to sell. I feel that my art should not only be free-form, but should convey a certain emotional trigger for viewers of my original artworks. Colors have strong impacts on the human psychology; whether it is warm color tones and hues; the science of art is something that go beyond a simple brush and paint.

Some of The Mediums That I Practice Art In Are As Follow

  • Acrylic Paint
  • Oil Paint
  • Graphite and Colored Pencils
  • Markers
  • Watercolor
  • Digital Art
  • Photography
  • Photo-manipulations

Each medium have their benefits and limits. Certain mediums blend better than others, while others are more suitable for specific projects. Growing up I never liked using color, but over time I evolved as a visual artist and color became something that I appreciated much more. Growth as an artist is very important. Every year that goes by I make it a task to become a better artist for myself. As a result many people have become followers and fans of the artworks that I create.

Today my favorite medium to use in creating art is Acrylic paint because it dries much faster than oil although blending must be done fast and applied fairly quick before the paint dry.

Original Artworks For Sale by Pierre Kenal Louis

Fashion Contemporary Art Original Artworks For Sale

Artwork Compositions are unique in many ways made in just about all artists perspectives as well as perspective. “Les Couleur Plusieurs Chaussures Numero Two? is an extension piece I made for my high heels artwork collection. So far the gathering features Eleven bits of different works of art of comparable style. The high heels in a previous article/post which i wrote are a symbol of authority, power, femininity, and class. My personal collection of high heel shoes art feature 11 bits of original artworks for sale to date and will be complete at 25 items. I am optimistic these works of art will discover prefer with lots of. To get a printed item these days go to my online shop today through hitting the actual banner ad below or above.

original artworks for sale by artist

Fashion Art Original Artworks For Sale by Artist

Will also get the actual art work because present for a friend, family member, birthday celebration, vacation or simply as a present to some loved one that’s into style and style.

Fashion Original Artworks For Sale

The fashion original artworks pieces that I created for sale where inspired from my covering and shooting of Omaha Fashion Week in Omaha, Nebraska. I attended the fashion show and fell in love with the designs and saw them as art. I also had a chance to connect with most of all the fashion designers from the Fashion Week except a few. It was truly a beautiful and great experience to have as a visual artist and photographer.

Contemporary Art Artist

An idea according to Webster’s dictionary is “a arrange for action” or “a transcendent organization that is a actual pattern which existing things are unfinished representations “. This particular subsequent art work for sale is an item which i made up with the combined considered wired design along with a sensuous couple adopting one another. The actual piece is or can be considered erotic art, however is not overly lovemaking within content or even visual composition.

Original Artworks For Sale Online

original artworks for sale by art artist

original artworks for sale by art artist

This is on of my original artworks for sale of singer, dancer and songwriter Tinashe. Available on my online art store.

The actual art work is quite sexy. However, it still possess a simplicity into it which makes it more creative art compared to sensual artwork. The colors I made use of for the artwork are generally comfortable and cool. The woman to be the warm colored figure and the man being the cool colored determine. Majority of my personal artworks are done completely from creativeness and are made up from an original way of thinking as well as way of thinking. My aim and objective is to always capture individuals attentions with the art which i create. If I may even manage to make them appear or think hard prior to leaving the web page, I’ve succeeded with the art work as well as their purpose.

Original Artworks For Sale

The artworks are all ideal for living room, bathrooms, office and store spaces that need some color or inspired visuals to enhance the atmosphere for their visitors. As an artist I only seek to create universal art that many people can find some relation to. I believe that as a human being one never cease to learn or have learned all that they are capable of actually learning.

Kenalsworld Online Store For Original Artworks For Sale by Pierre Kenal Louis

Kenalsworld Online Store For Original Artworks For Sale by Pierre Kenal Louis


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Original Artworks For Sale
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