Photoshoot Ideas and Coordination Advice In Planning

photoshoot ideas by kenal

Photoshoot Ideas and Coordination Advice In Planning

Generating photoshoot ideas is only part of the problem some photographers face. Some lack the creativity of a visual artist, but some have the creativity and lack the resources. In the following post I will talk about some ideas as well as show how I have executed some of my creative shoot ideas with help from an incredible team of people.

As an aspiring fashion and beauty photographer I find myself constantly learning about fashion through stylists, makeup artists and people who I work with. Starting photography in 2012 was something I never saw coming because I was just a college student taking and introductory class to digital photography. I found out that I need a DSLR camera for the class and I did not own one nor could afford to rent one for the entire semester; so my only option was to buy one using my college credit card, which I ended up maxing out to get this camera for that one class require for my Digital Imaging degree… By the end of the semester I had fallen completely in love with fashion photography

Photoshoot Ideas and Planning

photoshoot ideas by kenal

Within the collage or vision board created I generally jot down notes of things that I would like to accomplish. This first example was from a shoot that ended up being cancelled, but the next example will follow with some actual shots from the shoot that came to life from the inspiration board I composed. I always do this process and take this first step before I shoot be if possible because it really helps me figure out what I need and if my vision is going to be able to come to life. This in return forces me to think “is it possible or is this not possible?”

The Root Of The Photoshoot Ideas

Now that I’ve covered briefly my entry into the whole photography thing let’s talk ideas. Photoshoot ideas come from the same part of me that my abstract portraits or photo-manipulation ideas come from, which is purely creativity. Creativity is someone a lot of people have, but some do not know that they are creative while some don’t believe that they are creative enough.

Ideas can be inspired from vision boards like the following by simply composing a collage of things you would possibly like to have in a shoot; this can be the model selections, attire, accessories, location, lighting, emotion and gesture. These points are all things that I brainstorm about before I start to shoot and still ponder on even after the shoot has been completed leading into my lightroom editing process along with selection.

Geisha Photoshoot Ideas

photoshoot ideas by kenal

The following avant garde geisha shoot came to life and was inspired by this vision board. I also know an incredible stylist by the name of Omar Rodriguez who is phenomenal at styling hair as well as makeup. Truly this man is an artist at what he does so I had no doubt in my mind that he was going to help me bring to life what was embedded in my head to be even better than I had imagined.

Photoshoot Ideas From Drawing

I took another step in proposing the shoot concept to the stylist by drawing the hair in a rough sketch and illustration to express what I was thinking. Omar then took the vision and magnified it with his ability to perfectly manipulate hair any way that he wants to.

geisha sketch and drawing

geisha sketch and drawing


Photoshoot Ideas  Come To Lifegeisha photos geisha shoot

International Stylist Omar Rodriguez

International Stylist Omar Rodriguez

To sit down and observe as well as witness Omar work on Nancy Pham’s hair for the shoot from the very beginning to the actual start of the shoot was something that thought me how valuable and fortunate I am to have an incredible person to work with as a stylist.

The Team Behind The Photoshoot Idea

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Omar Rodriguez – Master Stylist and Owner of OSTYLES

Raechel Dennis – Creative Coordinater & Freelance Designer

Nancy Pham – Fashion and BeautyModel

Kenal Louis – Photographer/Editor


Kenal   Louis

KenalLouis – Photographer,Designer, Poet, Musician


Kenal Louis

I am a visual artist, graphic designer, photographer and blogger of Kenalsworld. I have enjoyed creating art since the age of 4 and continued to pursue a career in graphic design, web development, photography, and more. I compose digital drawings as well as real mediums, such as acrylic, graphite drawings, watercolor, pastel and oil. Art is a big part of my life and I am glad to be able to share it with my blog viewers and potentially the world. Being a photographer is not too far from being an artist because I do my best to capture people’s essence and presence. Everyone has a different personality and a still image can definitely capture that as a moment stopping time itself. I appreciate every visitor that visits my website so be sure to follow me below on Twitter and Facebook.

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Photoshoot Ideas by Kenal

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