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Nichole Goergen is a beautiful person I met through a friend and makeup artist named AJ Torres. I first got connected with AJ on Facebook sometime early August of this year. We talked about collaborating together, but kept in touch and her communication as well as energy led me to loving her as a person and artist.
After meeting AJ we collaborated on a shoot with another stylist and a model, which would later lead to another collaboration between Nihole Goergen, AJ and myself. Nichole is a fitness model I shot with  in November from Sioux City, Iowa.

Below is one of the shots from the winter fitness and swimwear shoot we had towards the end of the year.  The photo was entered in a national competition for Physique of The Year on Fitness Gurls magazine’s website.
physique of the year model

Vote For Fitness Gurls Physique Of The Year

Nichole Goergen

nichole goergen fitness modell competition fitness model

The winner gets the front cover of the magazine and we are seeking votes. The rules are a person can vote every day and every hour.  There is no registration or signup required. It literally takes 2-3 seconds to just click on Nichole’s name in the poll to enter a vote.

I am writing this post to ask that if you have come across the blog post to please vote for Nichole Goergen on Fitness Gurls Physique of The year page. Voting ends the 20th of December, once the top 10 winners will be announced and receive prizes which include features in the publication.

Vote Nichole Goergen For Fitness Gurls Physique Of The Year

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Thank you for taking the time to read the blog post.  With the voting being over Nichole finished 4th place. We did not win, but it was something great to be a part of.

physique of the year results

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