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snow in the summer

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This poem was written and inspired by love… Thinking how it is almost impossible that it snows in the summer the closer to the equator that one lives, but times are changing after all and the world is developing differently…What once was impossible have become possible… Somehow I tried to find a relation between the two from a love point of view.

Snow In The Summer Written by Kenal

It was like snow falling down in the summer
Heaven sent you down to be with me on this earth
You are that Eve compatibility for me
While I was like Adam, waiting patiently for you to be with me
Baby we can grow trees, plants, and nurture even animals
While multiplying our offspring’s every single year
Sometimes our love feels much like a maze
The deeper we get into it, the more difficult it gets when I try to find a way out
Every morning you’re the second thought on my mind
The first being the God that I serve
Yet sometimes you are my number one thought
You have that inner beauty that I’ve long searched for
Not to mention you have a face that could only have been given to an angel
What I’m trying to say is that you are my Angel
My soul mate, friend, compatible zodiac, along with everything that I lack
So when it snows in the summer, know that I will remain your true lover
When it snows in the summer I will be there to hold you
As we feel the heat and snowflakes touch our skin

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Poetry Blog | Snow In The Summer by Kenal
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