Post Modern Art of Heart Made of Roses

Post Modern Art “Heart Made of Roses” by Pierre Kenal Louis

Composing post modern art is something that I am proud of because in the current day in time art is whatever one perceives as beautiful or creative. With this mindset I am able to combine my art with my poetry.  I also enjoy writing poems that are full of simile’s and metaphors because it sparks ideas that sometimes transfer to a sketchpad or digital artwork.

In a way the artwork composed sends a message. A message that carries the emotion that I put within the poems, whether it is love, affection, disappointment or a broken heart. The art speaks for itself and expresses my thoughts without words.

Below is the first sets of the poetic art pieces of digital drawing and painting that I created from poems that I wrote in the flow of thought. When I wrote the poems I thought about each verse and what the words represented. After completing the poems I then created the following pieces of art.

Post Modern Art

Post Modern Art “Heart Made of Roses

A lot of my poetry surround love and light. I believe words should be used for good and to express one’s emotions to touch others and relate to others. This post modern art piece is entitled “Heart Made of Roses”. The piece is available for print on Fine Art America for sale. Click Here to purchase this piece or the banner below.

Post Modern Art

Post Modern Art Poem

Heart made of roses I send you my condolence,
I know you went through much heartache, so I offer to consul you;
Heart made of roses I write these words not to mislead you,
When the thorns grew out of you I know it must have been real painful;
Falling for many other hearts left you in a state of confusion,
Don’t know which one to choose so you run to me with love in delusion;
Was only there to help your heart beat,
Still, you have allowed others to make your heart weak;
Heart made of roses “I love you” I can no longer utter,
What we had have fallen at its time of latter;

Post Modern Art

With the artwork I hope that many can relate to the works that I do whether it is the poetry that draws their attention or the visual artwork that captivate their eyes. The heart is something that we all need to survive and the messages that it expresses are at times beyond emotional.

Post Modern Art “Heart of Water” by Pierre Kenal Louis

Post Modern Art

Post Modern Art and Poetry

Her heart fell in my hands, but slipped through my fingers
For her heart was not made of any tough material
So like water I could only hold it for a moment
I couldn’t hold her love much longer because it wasn’t there
So it slipped through my fingers

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Post Modern Art

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