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May 17, 2019

Sensual Poems and Beautiful Sensual Poetry Poet Katy Naturalista

Sensual Poems - Author - Katy Naturalista

Sensual Poems - Author - Katy Naturalista

Sensual Poems & Empowering Poems From Author Katy Naturalista

Looking for sensual poems to read or a sensual poetry poet to follow online? Take a look at these sensual poems and thoughts by author Katy Naturalista.

Here’s the story of Katy Naturalista

I am a poet, podcaster, lover of music, a new wife and new mom.

I started writing poetry when I was 8 years old. The reason for my writing was to help release my inner thoughts and feelings. When I was a child, the saying Children should be seen and not heard was very true.

Since I didn’t have many people I could talk to – I would just write what I was feeling in a notebook. Over the years I compiled tons of poetry in notebooks and stored them in a shoebox under my bed. I was too shy to share my poetry with anyone, but as I grew older, I started performing.

I would go to Apache Café in Atlanta and Southern Polytechnic State open mic nights. The idea of publishing a book came about when I met the love of my life. I allowed him to read through my poems and he encouraged me to publish my first book titled Lust Redeemed Love and Pain Life Reclaimed.

During my college years a lot of my sensual poetry came about. My experience of lust and what I thought was love created a lot of works in my first book Lust Redeemed, Love and Pain, Life Reclaimed.

In my first title I broke up each section into phases. The phases were a metaphor that referenced my journey to finding true love. My favorite phase of the book is the last phase, which is Phase V. It says…

“The biggest lesson learned, Growth taught me to love others as well as myself. Life is too short to spend on pointless beings. When the inspiration is gone so am I.” 

That phase truly defined a point of growth in my life.  I struggled a lot with trying to find true love during my youth. I kept trying to grasp at something, when really the answer was to love myself first, and then true love will find me.

Ultimately that’s what happened. One of my favorite poems in the title Lust Redeemed, Love and Pain, Life Reclaimed titled “Queen” defines this emergence of self-love and love for my now husband. Here’s the Poem “Queen” …

Self-love Poem - "Queen"

Leading me to greatness
As fear falls behind
The cloak of royalty
You’ve dubbed to be mine
Asking for a strong warrior like you
The world can’t prepare
For our truth
Leading me to exquisite taste
Rich cuisine
Not food, but the filling knowledge
You feed
Giving me more heat than the
Earth’s core
We are burning a blaze—
Glory amongst our days
Wherever my king ventures
I will venture next to him
Forever your Queen
I will honor you be your protection
The crusade
Dare not create a divide
You have unleashed
A greatness
Long overdue
My king we are more than truth
360 degrees around
This world
No longer boy and girl
Forever your Queen
Let’s venture this world.

Self Love Poem

Self-love Poem

This piece was really a hit with most of my readers. A lot of women copied the quote “Wherever my king ventures I will venture next to him forever your Queen.” I feel like that quote spoke to many people and their relationship. I know that it really speaks true to mine.

Of course, you’re probably thinking well if that’s Katy’s favorite, what was everyone else’s favorite. Boy, oh Boy… amongst men and women “Ebony Delight” was everyone’s favorite. Here’s the Poem “Ebony Delight” 

Sensual Poem - "Ebony Delight"

Your sex has me hypnotized
My mind running wild
That body has me mesmerized
Your hands move like a burning fire
Eyes so intense
Watching each move
Smiles glowing, passion filling this room
Lust taking over
Each moan released my relief
Every Kiss
Every breath
Licking your neck
Getting so high from your sex
My body on top
Motioning side to side
Your sex, my desire
Breaking the rules, burning the wire
My body yearned for that graceful satire
Every stare
Every motion
The room filling with a seductive potion
Turning into your sex slave, following each direction
I never forbade
This aphrodisiac continues to make me fall
Those hands like a director’s staccatos each note
Every kiss… Our hearts speak
Every breath…reached loves peak
Every smile… beguiled
Your sex a craving
I thirst for
A continuous flow through my Nubian Nile
Hydrating my ebony core.

Sensual Poem - "Ebony Delight"

Sensual Poem - "Ebony Delight"

Is it hot enough in here for you now? LOL! I remember when I wrote that poem... I kept saying to myself wow! I truly felt every bit of that piece in the moment. That piece was inspired by a rendezvous I had while in college. I’m sure we all have been there, that’s why this piece was so relatable to most people.

Sensual Poem | "Ebony Delight"
Poetry Book - Lust Redeemed Love and Pain Life Reclaimed Available on Amazon

Poetry Book - Lust Redeemed Love and Pain Life Reclaimed Available on Amazon

Enjoyed These Poems So Far? Support The Author

Lust Redeemed Love and Pain Life Reclaimed by Katy Naturalista.

My second book Real Love Real Life is about my past and present love life and some real-world issues. If you look at the cover of the book, which was created by Kenal Louis you’ll see a picture of two women.

One woman has a heart in her hand while the other one is holding the earth. I thought this would be a powerful cover for this amazing piece of work. As women not only do, we carry the weight of our heart, but we also carry the weight of the world. That was my whole thought process behind the cover art.

In the first book I broke the sections up into phases, in this title I called the sections Lessons. Each lesson takes you through a learning curve that became an epiphany.

Those epiphany’s turned into growth and change. Believe me it’s a beautiful thing. One of my favorite pieces in this book is called “Wombman.” This piece talks about breaking out of the stereotypes and being myself.

I’ve always been teased about being different and not fitting the typical black woman stereotype. And because I didn’t fit the black woman stereotype, I was told I act white. I will never know what that means. I just know… I like being Katy. Being Katy is, goofy, fun, vivacious, eclectic, lover of all music, proper etiquette, free, love, and living life.

Those are just a few things that describe me. Here is the piece “Wombman”…

Empowering Poetry | Empowering Poems


Going through the motions
Of everyday life.
Feeling great
Shining my inner light
Showing the world
How great EYE be.
Those statistics
They don’t see me.
I come from a tribe
That vibes higher than high
Life keeps living
I am down for the ride
The rhythm and motions
Can’t dull my shine.
Magnificent being
Hotter than the sun’s heat
Showing the people
How great EYE be.
Stereotypes and labels
Don’t make me.
I come from true royalty
Conquered, where real
Freedom rings
The seconds go to minutes
Into hours in a blink
Get ready to go deep
Into the depths to find my inner glow
Reflecting outside
Playing in society’s show.
The awkward non-conformist
Watch me go.

Something Powerful - People's Perception

That piece is so powerful to me. I know it’s powerful to many women who are embarking on their journey to find who they are. Speaking of journey, writing the book Real Love Real Life was a tough one for me. I truly tried to find balance in writing this book.

I felt like my first title focused so much on my forte. I always write about love, but in this title, I wanted to touch on the hard things. I did and man it truly struck a few nerves. I posted a YouTube video of me performing the piece “I just don’t get it”, people were livid and some empowered. That piece truly spoke my peace and what I’ve carried everyday in my life.

Until this day, I still get the… “You speak so well.” saying thrown at me. All I can do is ask them… what do you expect?

Posting that video people stated that my references to subtle racism I spoke about in the piece were “outdated sayings” or that I was “feeding into the agenda”. Someone even said… “You can’t possibly be this dumb and be so beautiful.” I didn’t know that speaking my truth was dumb, but hey—these are the things I encounter being a writer and an artist.

Here’s the piece that caused all the controversy it’s title “I just don’t get it...”

"I just don't get it..."

Why are black people
So angry?
Because you portray my culture
As a fad then hang me
You comment saying this is now
That was then.
I’m just as deeply connected
To my ancestors
As you are your kin.
Calling us animals
Our passion never dies
Did you forget we multiply?
Fearing something
You don’t understand.
You fester, fuel, and hate
Attempt to mimic
Our language.
Our style.
Our skin.
My melanin permanent
How bout that tan?
Why are black people so angry?
Because you crucify
My people
You don’t understand me.
Second nature things
You think and say…
Can I touch your hair?
How did you afford that?
Where did you learn to speak?
This is not pre-1865…
You cannot pet me.
I am wealthy.
I know how to read.
Again, you ask me…
Why are black people so angry?
Enslavement is over
Our people finally see.
Welcome to the awakening
The era we are free.
To stride in greatness
Aumen my Kings and Queens.

Finding Inspiration As A Poet

I remember I was listening to Kendrick Lamar’s Damn album when I wrote that piece. His album inspired me to write out a lot of my feelings that boiled over. This piece really gained a lot of traction, and it sparked a conversation on both sides of the spectrum.

Both of my titles were created to relate to people and let people know they aren’t alone in their feelings or their journey. I also wanted to inspire people to be free in love and thought. Sparking conversation was a major point of creating Real Love Real Life.

I wanted people to acknowledge the “Real Life” things we face as black people and being a woman. I feel like my books have helped many people and have shown them there is love out there waiting for them. I think that I have also learned to stop fearing the unknown and just being free. You must allow yourself to be loose to leap to your next venture in life.

Real Love Real Life - Poetry Book

Empowering Poems

Speaking of ventures and taking risks, my podcast the Naturalista Experience, was a big jump for me. I’ve always wanted to do radio and media as a career, but I hated the fact that mainstream media would censor my true feelings.

My husband inspired me to start the podcast. His exact words were, “You always have something to talk about, why not start a podcast and incorporate your poetry in it.” I said to him why not? LOL! Then it began. I did my first episode called Story Time, Real Love Real Life.

We were sitting on our bedroom floor with the podcast equipment and I was sweating bullets the entire show. I had callers come through to share their love story, and I shared mine. I performed a piece from my titled, “Late Nights.”

The piece talked about how a minor moment in my relationship felt so major. It was the epitome of love. Well at least when I wrote the piece, I thought it was the epitome of love. LOL!

The Poetry Podcast - Naturalista Experience

I’m well past the jitters now behind the mic. I’ve been airing episodes of the Naturalista Experience podcast every Saturday at 7p. I’m on many different outlets. You can find my podcast on BlogTalkRadio, Stitcher, iTunes, and iHeartradio.

The podcast has been an amazing experience. I’m continuing to pump out more episodes, and more controversial or all about love topics.

My next journey for Katy Naturalista is still podcasting and another book. I have so much to write and talk about in my new series. I am a new mother and a new wife. Believe me both experiences have filled my heart and mind with so many stories to share. I can’t wait to bring you all in on where my life is now and where it’s going to go.

Contact The Poet and Creative Author For A Project Or To Feature Her

Connect with Katy by sending her a message through the form below or following her on Instagram (link also listed below).

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Sensual Poems and Beautiful Sensual Poetry Poet Katy Naturalista

Sensual Poems and Beautiful Sensual Poetry Poet Katy Naturalista


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