Spring Fashion Week Designer Showcase Brings It In Omaha

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Spring Fashion Week Designer Showcase Performing Artist

Kaitlyn Hova is an Electric Violinist, visual artist, neuroscientist,  code engineer and much more.  It is no surprise why she is always the go to musician for Omaha Fashion Week’s events, as their main choice of performing artist. She is a Renaissance woman at her fullest; I have met Kaitlyn and she also have a compelling character with a kind presence.

Spring Fashion Week Violinist

The sound vibrations coming from her strings set the tone for the first night of the Designer Showcase at the Omaha Spring Fashion Week.  Combining what is a classical instrument to something more modern, contemporary, and intriguing. One of the songs she covered through her instrument while performing up and down the runway is one of my favorites by Usher  called “Without You”.

Spring Fashion Week

As she concluded the audience applauded her for her strong entertaining performance. More information can be found on Kaitlyn or for an event/wedding booking at www.kaitlynhova.com.


Margie Trembley Leads The Spring Fashion Week Designer Showcase

The fashion night for the Spring fashion week show started with designer Margie Trembley showcasing her classy styled feathered hats. Each model wore some well fitted sleeveless black dresses with a glove that complemented the hats that they each walked with. As I sat down to enjoy the show it was fun to hear the audience’s pleasing reaction upon seeing the very first hat by the hat and accessories designer.

Margie also is a visual artist who creates work in glass, fiber along with jewelry. Her boutique is located in Sprinfield, Nebraska where both she and her husband create marvelous works of art.

I had an opportunity to sit down with Margie at the beginning of the year in 2014 and we talked about art as well as had a portrait shoot.  Her energy and passion to be creative is strong as well as filled with direction in quality. Take a look at some of the hats that the models sported from the designer.

fashion hat designs

Eli Contreras model

Omaha Spring Fashion Week Model

Be sure to visit Margie’s websites .


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Spring Fashion Week Designer Showcase Brings It In Omaha

One of the models that represented Margie Trembley along with two other designers throughout fashion week is Eli Contreras. Eli Contreras is always graceful on the runway; I have yet to see her look toughly “fierce” on the runway, but to be truthful she gentleness sensed from the runway is captivating enough. She is also one of the models very active collaborating with photographers, designers and getting work done to rise to the top of the fashion industry. Surely the next stop for this tall and gorgeous Latin model is Milan, New York and Paris.

It takes a lot of work to not only stay on top of things as far as looking good, but it also requires planning with consistency. Under the management of Develop Model Management’s director Alyssa Dilts many models are accomplishing their goals and dreams.  Dilts began her career managing the runway division for Elite Model Management Chicago in 2006. Since then she made her way back to Omaha to help build and grow a fashion network and atmosphere in Omaha, Nebraska.

To some it may be hard to believe that fashion will ever be as prominent in the Midwest as it is on the West and East coast of the United States, but it is changing. With the fuel to success, passion, drive and commitment to help some young men along with women pursue their dream in fashion; the fashion culture in Omaha and Midwest will grow.  Below are more shots of Eli Contreras in a more formal fashion look.

More Designs Worn by Eli Contreras

More Designs Worn by Eli Contreras

Spring Fashion Week Eli Contreras Fashion Photos

Spring Fashion Week Eli Contreras Fashion Photos

Spring Fashion Week Models

A lot of the models have been provided for Omaha Fashion Week by Develop Model Management, but there is also much opportunity for others that are not signed to participate in one of the Midwest’s now  premier fashion event.

omaha fashion week models

Micayla (left – Develop Model), Ellie  (center – Develop Model), Tia ( right – feature model)

Tia Dawson Takes The Runway

Tia Dawson is a young lady I have written about twice now and is proud to call a friend. The Omaha Spring Fashion Week show was her first runway experience at Omaha Fashion Week with a packed house watching. There was no room for mistakes and she was indeed flawless on the runway.

Having shot with Tia prior to the show we collaborated together on a shoot which landed us the cover of Midwest Black Hair Magazine‘s cover for their February issue. A month later she is on the runway representing Élle Inspired.  An Evening Wear line discovered by Elda Doamekpo. Elda designs timeless, elegant, and classy garments with her experience in pattern making.

I am beyond proud of this model working and truly pursuing her goal to become a recognizable model. With faith I believe she will become a face recognized by many.

Spring Fashion Week Model: Tia Dawson

Spring Fashion Week Model: Tia Dawson

Another model who have stolen my heart already is Nancy Pham. The two of us have shot a few times together and again landed a cover for FOCUS of SWFL Luxury Magazine from the golf coast of Florida in November of 2013. Nancy is considered a veteran at the ripping the runway; she is always on the mission with flawless execution and she always succeeds.

I was glad to come out because I had to support her along with a few others that I have grown to be close friends with in the past year and a half since starting to attend Omaha Fashion Week. The Spring fashion week was well executed and continues to progress. With a change with the venue almost every show, a sense of freshness is always applied to Omaha Fashion Week. A new location for a new special occasion every fashion week.

Spring Fashion Week Model: Nancy Pham

Spring Fashion Week Model: Nancy Pham



Develop Model Management’s Models

model agency and management

Hope Lian and Kami Buchanan are also veterans for Omaha Fashion Week even with the young age that these ladies have. Both looked remarkable on the runway showing their beauty as well as polished presence on the runway through the guidance of Develop.

The proof that having someone to guide you in helping you will always make you even better can be seen with these ladies. Keep an eye open as these young ladies make their push to succeed even more in the fashion scene  growing in the Midwest.

model hope liann

Spring Fashion Week Designer Showcase Photos by Kenal

Omaha Fashion Week

Collage Of The Spring Fashion Week Event

Fashion Camp With Develop

Interested in joining a fashion camp led by Alyssa Dilts? Be sure to contact the agency through the website to find out more information. Inspired your future model to have even more passion and fire to truly pursuing their goal in modeling.



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