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July 28, 2017

Star Wars Drawings – The Most Creative and Beautiful Heel Illustrations

The following Star Wars drawings were inspired by the space film series. As an artist I am always looking to create art in a different way. In 2015 I begin this series which included a collection of circle drawings.

I decided to draw 1,000 circles and each one of them are different. Each drawing is unique in composition with many subjects in art direction. So far I have created over 50/1,000 circle drawings. One of the drawings among the 50 plus drawings is a Star Wars inspired piece I created.

Star Wars Drawing of High Heels
Star Wars Drawings In High Heels

In the collection of Star Wars drawings I also developed the high heel drawing illustrations. The high heels are contemporary line drawings I created of artistic heels.

Each high heel is a creative conceptual idea for a potential shoe design. I am primarily an illustrator and digital artist. My inspiration for the high heels sparked after I visited Omaha Fashion Week in Omaha, Nebraska back in 2012. Since then I have been creating fashion illustrations and art inspired by fashion.

I decided to combine both these fashion inspired artworks with the science fiction of Star Wars designs.

Art is expression. Expression though visual representation with the design and composition elements makes art what it is.

Inspiration of The Drawings

The inspiration for the Star Wars drawings came from the design elements along with the patterns in the costumes and symbols. Structure with geometric lines as well as futuristic designs made Star Wars visually unique. When it comes to the representation in Star Wars, the visual look of the film collection is one of a kind.

Fashion is something I find very much appealing. Although I am not a fashion designer, I create fashion illustration art. Over the years I have composed a lot of original drawings and a fair amount of them are inspired by fashion. I love high heels as accessories for fashion as well as shoes. On my high heel drawing page you can find more information regarding the history of high heels and why I love using them as art.

Birth of Star Wars

Star Wars is considered one of the biggest if not the biggest film franchise. The series of the films were developed by George Lucas in 1977. The science fiction film series resembles a fairytale. Star Wars focuses on the narrative of a story from a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.

Pop culture would miss a huge part of its substance if Star Wars was never created. Star Wars became a world phenomenon in cinematic history. The original trilogy of Star Wars featured Episode IV: A New Hope, which was released in 1977. It was later followed by Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back in 1980 and Episode VI: Return of The Jedi in 1983.

Star Wars For All It’s Worth

Star Wars is currently sitting in third place among the highest grossing films in cinematic history with $2.825 billion and over $7.5 billion in revenue. As the franchise continue to release blockbusters and big screen releases Star Wars will only build more on its legend.

From book novels, video games, comic books, and television series Star Wars has exploded to be a community. Stars Wars is also in the Guinness World Records for being the most successful film merchandise franchise. In 2015 the franchise was valued at $42 billion dollars.

The value in the dollar amount behind Star Wars is only a testament to how powerful as well as how impactful it’s been to the world. I would say that Star Wars itself is

The Beginning of A New Hope

It all started with the Galactic Empire creating a weapon called the Death Star to destroy planets, in a quest to conquer the galaxy the Emperor Palpatine sought to use this weapon for evil. The goal of the Palpatine was to rule and control the galaxy through their power and destroy the Rebel Alliance (a pro-democratic revolutionary faction).

What Is The Rebel Alliance?

The Rebel Alliance was the resistance that was freedom fighters they fought for the hope of a better future.

It I s said that George Lucas the creator of Star Wars never thought that the film for takeoff the way that it did.

The Rebel Alliance High Heel

Star Wars Drawings - Rebel Alliance High Heel

First of the Star Wars Drawings

Wherever there is evil there is good. Star Wars is the most epic story about the battle between the good and evil forces in the universe. Much of the Rebel Alliance’s battles were fought in darkness and in secret. It wasn’t until they acquired the ships like X-wing and A-wing that they triumphed over the Empire.

The birth of the Rebel Alliance is said to have started during the Clone Wars sparked by the Jedi.

Creating the high heel illustration inspired by the Rebel Alliance I focused on creating a heel with the symbol for the Star Wars group. The Star Wars drawing also was created with the elements I noticed in the fighter’s costume designs.

In the heels I also included crystals as in the heel as a signature part of my art. As an artist I’ve learned that consistency in a series of artworks allow viewers to easily recognize one’s work.

Rebel Alliance Heel - Star Wars Drawing

Rebel Alliance Heel - Star Wars Drawing

Good vs. Evil

In an article by LA Times discussed the topic of good versus evil. The article suggests that it’s all relative. We perceive things as good or evil depends on how we are raised or trained.

Our environment has an impact on the outcome of our lives. The article referenced how the Rebel Alliance is comparable to a terrorist militant group.

I can understand why the comparison is there. In all wars a lot of people die. Both the innocent as well as the ones that are considered the bad guys die.

A group such as the Rebel Alliance work in the way a terrorist group would act. In their attacks on the Empire many have perished in death. In many instances the rebels fight knowing that they themselves could also die when they attack.

I have in the past have discussions with friends regarding how people behave based on their interactions with others.

What the Rebel Alliance represents is a balance between the good and evil.

The New Republic High Heel

Star Wars Drawings - New Republic High Heel

The Second of The Star Wars Drawings

In Star Wars,The New Republic is a galactic and democratic government formed during the Galactic Cival War. The New Republic was created with a combination of both political and military leaders.

The Rebel Alliance is also responsible for the creation of The New Republic. After their victory over the Empire at the Battle of Endor, the Rebel Alliance evolved to The New Republic. The New Republic was created with the objective to produce a secure and safe society.

Without order we are left with Chaos. This is a lesson in life both personal and cultural. If there is no order then nothing is managed or balanced. The Rebel Alliance although a fighting militant group saw it fit to have organization and structure in government.

Governments are known for creating regulations, laws, policies, and guidelines for its people. In an article by Dr. Paul Cleveland, the author mentions that government also controls money/currency as well as property. Governments are also established to punish those who perform injustice acts.

In a world full of violence and those who seek to take what doesn’t belong to them by force, there is a need for a justice system. Unfortunately, even the justice systems established in many countries around the world is flawed. Very seldom there are those who get punished unfairly by a bribed system. There is no difference in the story of Star Wars.

The Jedi Order Heel

Considered the guardians of peace and justice of the Galactic Republic are the Jedi. The Jedi was an ancient monastic peacekeeping organization of the light side. Rivaled with the dark side the Jedi fought against the Sith who orchestrated their plots with the dark side of the force.

Where there is light there is darkness. Where there is evil there is good. In Star Wars the Jedi are the protagonist. Much of the Jedi order consists of warriors, scientists, diplomats, physicians, teachers and philosophers. The force of the Jedi from Star Wars is credited to have sparked the creation of a new religious movement called Jediism.

The Force is both good and bad; the Jedi in Star Wars are depicted as the good guys whose purpose is to protect those who are unable to protect themselves from darkness.

Jedi has been referenced to the word “Jed” meaning King and “Jeddak” meaning Emperor. The word Jedi also has been associated with a planet called Jedha, which is considered the source of crystals used to create light sabers.

Star Wars Drawings - Jedi Order High Heel

George Lucas created the Jedi with inspired by samurai bushido, paladinism, and knight figures .The structure of the Jedi also was inspired by Hinduism, Roman Mythology, Confucianism, Taosim, and more. A book by Joseph Campbell entitled The Hero with a Thousand Faces directly influenced George Lucas.

The Sith Empire High Heel

Star Wars Drawings - Sith Empire High Heel

What is the sith empire? The Sith Empire is a force which relied on the darkside. It is a force lead by a Dark side emperor with a dark council.

The entire structure of the Sith Empire is built on loyalty to the Dark side. Looking to take revenge on the Republic for being exiled the Sith Empire sought to become the strongest power in the galaxy.

The origin and birth of the Sith empire is uncertain. Darkness has been around since there was light. One could argue the fact that darkness was there before the light.

Sith Empire High Heel

A similar debate could arise regarding the battle between good and evil. The perception of the Sith empire has always been evil consistently in Star Wars.

I thought it was only suitable to create a Star Wars drawing inspired by the Sith Empire. Create the series of the artworks I wanted to produce something creatively reflective of Stars Wars. In the high heel drawing I included the

The Mandalorian Star Wars High Heel

Star Wars Drawings - The Mandalorian High Heel

The New Jedi Order High Heel Illustration

Star Wars Drawings - New Jedi Order High Heel
Dark Side Extremist

Darth Vader– Darth Vador was originally a Jedi by the name of Anikin Skywalker. He is one of the most popular villain and characters in Star Wars. Darth Vadar was ruthless and a feared character throughout the galaxy in the saga of Star Wars. He serviced the darkside by being an enforcer of the totalitarian ruler of the Galaxy, Emperor Palpatine.

In an article written on Giant Bomb, Darth Vader is described as a central figure in the Star Wars Narrative franchise. As Skywalker he would go from being a slave to a Jedi and later cross over to the Dark Side.

Kylo Ren- Kylo Ren first appears in Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens. He not a Jedi nor is he a Sith. Kylo Ren was taught by Like Skywalker, but later killed his fellow students and became a First Order warlord unfer Supreme Leader Snoke. In the film his father is Han Solo and his mother Princess Leia Organa. In his quest to complete what Darth Vader started Kylo Ren kills his farther. By Killing his father he seals his faith with the Dark side. His sole purpose and goal is to destroy the last remaining of the Jedi.

Both Darth Vador and Kylo Ren are among the most nefarious villains in the history of Star Wars. Among them are Darth Maul, Count Dooku, Supreme Leader Snoke, Emperor Palpatine, and General Grievous. Nevertheless the death that surrounds them and the battle they had to deal with regarding cross to the Dark Side makes them unique.

Darth Vador dies in his son’s arm and Kylo Ren’s father dies by his hand. It’s twisted either way you look at it.

Star Wars is the most epic space narrative franchise there is. No other science fiction series or collection comes close.

Original Star Wars Art For Sale

Some of the high heel drawings I've drawn in the past are available for sale on the Kenalsworld Store page. Prints of a wide variety of illustrations and drawing I've composed are also available on Fine Art America and Redbubble.

Aside from drawing daily, I also create digital paintings and illustrations which can be found throughout Kenalsworld. If you would like to commission an artwork, send me a message via the contact page or Instagram.


I am very active on Instagram and check the page multiple times throughout the day, so if you reach out I will send you a message back.
Thank you for taking your time to read through this post.

Free Star Wars Wallpaper of The Heels

Download the following free Star Wars Wallpapers for your desktop or tablet.

Star Wars Wallpaper Background

1600 pixels x 900 pixels​

If you've enjoyed the Star Wars drawings of the high heels please be sure to share this page.

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