SZA Drawing Art, Illustration and Digital Painting

SZA Drawing & Illustration by Kenal Louis

The following is an illustration I created of SZA, as a queen in my royalty series. The artwork of SZA is a combination of drawing, painting and digital art. The series is also inspired by the Art Nouveau era in art and the present day contemporary art forms. I found a deep love for the framing and use of floral elements, that were used back then in the art style.

SZA Illustration Art - Drawing by Kenal Louis

This Illustration of SZA can be purchased as a print on Canvas and framed on Fine Art America.

I chose SZA as the queen for this piece because I became an instant fan of her talent after hearing her album Z. I also found that she collaborated with some of the musicians I enjoy; artists like Willow Smith, Rihanna, Kendrick Lamar and a few others. SZA is also the leading lady for TDE (Top Dawg Entertainment), the label responsible for the success of Kendrick Lamar, School Boy Q, Ab-Soul along with everyone else on the label.

z - suburban lager

SZA – Z album

SZA Drawing Art, Illustration and Digital Painting

From the SZA drawing to the final painting, the illustration took roughly 18-20 hours to create.

SZA Illustration Art - Drawing by Kenal Louis

The SZA Drawing Art, Illustration and Digital Painting Process

SZA Drawing Illustratio Queen SZA Solid

SZA Illustration, Drawing, Painting


The SZA Illustration Details

Below are some close-ups and other details I focused on, when I was creating the artwork of the beautiful star.

SZA Drawing  | Art



detail butterfly

SZA Illustration Prints Available

Prints of the illustration can be purchased at the following.

sza framed print

The SZA Illustration For Sale on Canvas

sza painting and drawing

SZA Drawing Art, Illustration and Digital Painting


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