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As an artist I often come across people who see my line art or digital illustrations and say I should be a tattoo artist, but I have no interest in that. I’ve also had some that suggest creating adult coloring books… that one is still in the air. However, a few years back I had some people mention putting my art on T-Shirts.

 I didn’t realize that people would care to buy my art if they could wear it. In 2016 I watched this inspiring video interview of The Hundreds an apparel brand in Los Angeles. The video inspired me to start a Redbubble account to sell my art, but also my own creative t-shirts.

The Artist - Kenal Louis

The Artist - Kenal Louis

Artwork: "The First African Mask"

Black and Gold T Shirts

Artwork: "The First African Mask"
Premium Men's T-Shirt
Price: $40.00

Womens Black and Gold T Shirts

The T-Shirt For Her
Price: $25.55
Cool Graphic Tees For Women

Unisex Black and Gold T Shirts

The Unisex T-Shirt
Price: $19.50
Cool Artistic Shirts For Guys

LGBT Pride T Shirts For Pride Awareness

LGBT Pride T-Shirts

Artwork: "Pride Heart"
Men's Premium T-Shirt
Price: $40.00

LGBT Pride T-Shirts For Women

The Pride Heart Premium T-Shirt For Her
Price: $40.00
Artistic T Shirts Women's Wear

LGBT Pride T-Shirts For Men

The Pride Heart Graphic T-Shirt For Him
Price: $29.50
Artistic Men's T Shirts

Creative Octopus T Shirts 

Unisex Octopus T-Shirt

Artwork: "Royal Octopus"
Unisex T-Shirt
Price: $19.50

Womens Octopus T-Shirts

Black and White Octopus T-Shirt For Her
Price: $23.08
Artistic T Shirts For Women

Mens Octopus T-Shirts

Black and White Octopus T-Shirt For Him
Price: $29.50
Creative and Artistic Shirts For Guys

T-shirts and Trends

Although T-shirts were worn originally as undershirts, they’ve become something people wear to represent much more. Whether you are supporting a cause like Breast Cancer Awareness, Heart Awareness Month, Pride Awareness Month, or the Melanin movement there’s a shirt for you.  If you are looking for something more comical and funny there are plenty of shirts to choose from as well. Currently there is a section of black and gold T Shirts available as a collection on Kenalsworld. More to be added.

One of the earliest records of a T-shirt is said to have been in the Wizard of Oz according to Tee Fetch. Another very significant moment in the history of T-shirts is the July 1942 LIFE Magazine cover. The cover of the magazine was the first photograph of a person in a t-shirt. This picture was a male wearing an Air Corps Gunnery School T-shirt.

Over the decades

Over time T-shirts became a craze popularized by celebrities like big name actors and musicians. Everybody wanted to be like someone famous even back in the 60’s and in the 2000’s much of the same remains true.

Best T Shirt Design Service On Kenalsworld

A Designer Providing the Best T Shirt Design for Clients

I often receive a message from independent business owners who want to create custom t-shirt designs for their customers. Branding is one of the key factors in effective marketing for any brand or business. It doesn’t matter what industry you are in, having a great logo design still matters. Having a uniform or apparel that also represents your brand is also important.

Looking For T Shirt Artists For Hire?

In recent years I created these t-shirt designs for some musicians who were serious about promoting their brands. The artists and bands contacted me to illustrate and draw these cool t shirt ideas for them. After initially making contact with them, we normally discuss what their vision is. Sometimes they have no idea what they want and I have to really pull the information out of them.

Once we establish a goal visually for their brand I begin sketching t shirt ideas and concepts. Following the creation of the sketches and drawing ideas, I then put a presentation together. The presentation that I put together is for the project proposal and depending on their selections, we continue on the process.

T-shirt Designs Created For Past Clients
T-Shirt Design
T-Shirt Design For A Client
T-Shirt Design For Client

9 Years Graphic Design Experience

For over 9 years I’ve been doing freelance graphic design. It wasn’t until 2016 I decided to pursue only art as my own personal career and goal.

My goal behind Kenalsworld can be read on the front page, where I share my mission statement. I hope to inspire many other artists, but also have to sustain myself creatively as an artist. Having a graphic design background along with education allows me to be able to succeed as a freelance designer.

Looking For a T-Shirt Designer?

Are you looking for a T-Shirt graphic artist? Send me a message today via email or call me to discuss a project. I am also very active on Instagram. If you send me a DM, I will get in touch with you as well.

I believe in creating visions and every artwork I illustrate. The drawings or paintings I produce are all a form of expression. I like to think of my art as visual metaphors or visual poetry. Much passion and dedication goes into my craft.

Thank you for visiting Kenalsworld!

Last Updated: May 30, 2019

Kenal Louis - Creator of Kenalsworld

Digital Illustrator | Artist

Digital Illustrator | Artist

T Shirt Artist For Hire