Thankfulness and Gratitude For Supporting My Vision

thank you all

Introduction To The Event

Where do I begin? On September 14th of 2014 I hosted my first and largest solo art exhibition. It was a success for me as a creative person and I believe for the community I reside in. On August 9th of 2013 I moved into the Harvester Artist Lofts in Council Bluffs, Iowa. Since then I have went on to get three magazine publishing for the covers of some great fashion magazines, who gave me the opportunity to showcase my photography. I also begin a journey in growing as a visual artist.

A few months prior to the event I decided I was going to have an art exhibition and fundraiser, in order to raise money to support my next goal in life. I decided I wanted to take a long break from painting and even doing photoshoots to focus primarily on growing as a musician. Having shot with a selection of beautiful models and even participate in other art related events, there were some peers that didn’t understand why I would “stop”.

I am not leaving painting, drawing or even creating photography. I am simply following a lifelong dream of mine. The dream to become the best musician I can be, as I have done with my art and photography while juggling everything. I came to an understanding that in order to really thrive and grow in music that I had to sacrifice a few things. Choosing to focus primarily on music is going to be tough, as I understand other opportunities may come along.

Now To The Event

pancho and the contraband

Pancho and The Contraband Playing At The Art Event

It was very simple, but I believe with a great energy, Spirit, a group of supportive people. The event was to start at 7:00 pm and one of my dear friends as well as incredible stylist Omar Rodriguez arrived early. Following Omar into the event, more people begin to come in. The night was highlighted with Pancho and The Contraband Singing and following them I sing a four songs, that I wrote.

Me Singing

Me Singing

Pancho and The Contraband of course, rocked the event and following them I also gained the attention of the many that were at the event to support me. All in all, I am beyond grateful and thankful for the amount of people that were able to make it to the event. The appreciation I have for those that came out to support me is beyond words.

There are a few people I would like to thank for helping make this possible. The list is mighty long and will not be able to include everyone’s name, but someone told me to try.
The event would not be possible without:
Eden Louis
Evenson St Vil
Lisa Haney
Alex Borelos
Mindy Wood
Drew Morgan
Danon Ross
Stephanie Cooper
Debra Davis
Omar Rodriguez
Jesse Medina and Judy
Madie Haney
Christie Graber
Patty Talbert
Jarron Storm
Mark Meade
Oanh Heiser
Mandy and Javier Castellote

Thank you  everyone who attended the event to show their support as well as purchased some of the artwork I worked to create with all my effort.
The event featured 40 Drawings, 40+ Paintings, Photographs, and prints. See below.

Two 24x36 Prints You Missed First Time Made Public

Two 24×36 Prints You Missed First Time Made Public

40 Drawings by Kenal Louis

40+ Paintings by Kenal Louis

Below are photos from various sources that were at the event to support me. Can’t express how grateful I am for these people. More photos will be shared soon follow my Facebook page Kenal, if you would like to see the event photos. An amazing photographer by the name of Eric David Herrera of EDH Photography (Like his page) captured the event for me as well as videos was captured by ShootToFill‘s Mike Machian (subscribe to his channel).

My wonderful neighbor Lisa Haney mentioned doing a quick headcount of the people that attended the art event and said at least 50 were present while I was singing. One more final thanks to a high school friend of mine, who I had not seen in person since we graduated together in 2008 in Florida. Jazmin La’Shay drove 3-4 hours to come support me with her friend Jay. This was truly inspiring for me and she purchased a painting despite driving so far to come support me.

This was the first art event I hosted for myself and it was a success. This is my thanks to all who came out to support me and helped me set up for the event.

Jazmin La’Shay Thank you!!!

Jazmin with Venus Blue 2

Jazmin with Venus Blue 2

I am excited to create music, grow as a musician and release my first single on Itunes and more in November. So far the release date will be November 18, 2014. The date is significant to me because it is also my birthday, so stay tuned for “I Cried” and many more.

Please follow me online at the follow if you have a Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Youtube Account. I will be blogging a little bit more often because there is so much to blog about, but follow me online to stay updated with the creative journey. Thank you for reading!

thank you all

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