The Rock and Kevin Hart Drawing Art & Illustration

The Rock and Kevin Hart Drawing Art & Illustration by Kenal Louis.

The Following The Rock and Kevin Hart Drawing Art Piece & Illustration was completed as a part of the Kings in a royalty art series. Each man have established a monumental presence in their respected fields of entertainment. Although the two are to collaborate of the big screen film Central Intelligence.

Painting The Stars

The Rock and Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart is the biggest comedian alive right now and have been the most relevant in comedy over the past 5 years. The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) have gone from WWF/WWE to one of the biggest action movie stars Hollywood have embraced. The list of feature films that he have been the leading man on continues to grow.  Below is the sketch/contour drawing of the entertainers.

The color selection for the illustration and artwork was very important. I wanted to focus on a balance of complimentary colors.

After the color selection and direction I begin to focus on the lighting and balance in how the two figures were lit in the overall visual project.

The Rock and Kevin Hart Drawing Details

Kevin Hart Detailed Illustration

There is no doubt that the rock is the King current King of comedy. Kevin Hart seems to be everywhere there is an opportunity for him to showcase his unique talent at making people laugh. I first saw Kevin Hart when he produced his Laughing At My Pain Standup Feature in 2011; since then I’ve followed him at an inspiration because after some research I found a video from 1996 or 1997 with Kevin Hart doing a standup gig at a small spot. He never gave up, never stopped and only worked harder to attain the success he has.

The Rock Detailed Illustration

The rock is now known for having only $7 in 1995 in his pocket when he decided to follow his dream of becoming a pro-wrestler. He was also determined and made it happen through persistence and hard work.

Obviously, both of these men share inspiring stories and have climbed the mountains that were in front of them. I am sure they will continue to be successful, but knowing their background and having a series I am visually creating of Kings and Queens, I believe it was necessary to include these two in my royalty art series.

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The final illustration is symbolic to each figure. The artwork is available for purchase at the Kenalsworld Art Store. The artwork is the second piece to the Kings portion of my royalty art series.

The Rock and Kevin Hart Drawing & Illustration