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July 8, 2017

Two kings Artwork | Ian and Trevor Jackson Drawing Art & Illustration

The two kings artwork is an illustration of two brothers. The Ian and Trevor Jackson Drawing Art & Illustration is part of a royalty art series.

Two Kings | Ian and Trevor Jackson

Without art, I do not know what my life would be life. Do you know what you life would be like without art? I think whether you create art or have always just found a liking to the form of visual expression, life would be boring without it.

Two Kings Artwork

From the ruins in Egypt, Caves in Lascaux to the monumental greek sculptures art its history have changed the way we as humans live our lives.

Now the Caves in Lascaux have art painted on the walls of the caves dating back to 20,000 years ago. Can you even imagine? Human beings have been around for that long and we primitive but still managed to be able to create something visually on a wall in some cave.

Art history is fascinating if you are an art lover like I am.

The Two Brothers Illustration

These two brothers Ian and Trevor Jackson are the first pair of kings I illustrated in my Royalty Art Series. The two brothers are entertainers who act and create great music. I had come across Trevor Jackson's music because of his acting through Disney, but later discovered more music from the talent.

I also discovered his brother Ian Jackson, who is a musician that goes by the name Iyn Jay. The music he creates can be heard on his Soundcloud page.

Iyn Jay: www.soundcloud.com/iynjay

Two Kings Artwork

I decided to create an illustration of the two brothers illustrated as kings because they appear to be very close and are always supportive of each other regardless what they are working on individually.

Two Kings Artwork

Creating the Ian and Trevor Jackson Drawing to Illustration

Sketching the brothers is a rough and broad direction was the first step I took in creating the art piece. I once learned that it is a good idea to create thumbnail sketches of developing ideas one may have for the art they want to create.

Of course, if you are creating non-subjective art you don't need a thumbnail sketch... well, not unless the artwork is completely random and open in its direction.

Following the rough sketch, I decided to produce a refine contour drawing of the two kings in my art series. The line art served as a guide to how I was going to digitally paint the figures and the elements in the artwork of the two.

Two Kings In a Royalty Art Series

Two Kings Artwork

Drawing, painting, and designing, for the most part, comes naturally for me as a creative person. However, I've spent a lot of time on studying other artists, art techniques and experimenting with different art styles such as Art Nouveau and Portrait Photography.

Each art forms has taught me different things about composition and essential elements/factors in each of the art forms as well as style.

Following the outline drawing, I begin to lay the foundation of base colors for the skin and gold that I wanted to illustrate in the art piece.

From there I painted the shadows according to the direction of the lighting that I desired for the two subjects in the artwork. From there I applied highlights, backlights and tones to contrast the artwork to my liking.

The First Two Kings In The Art Series

The illustration created of these two men is the first I created of the kings in my royalty art series. After creating the piece I created one of The Rock and Kevin Hart, which can be viewed at the following blog post and royalty art series collection.

Art Is Life

Being expressive is something I believe everyone should be able to be in some creative manner. Whether you enjoy writing music, acting, writing poetry or creating art. All of these art forms are ways of expressing one's self as well as thoughts.

Without art, I do not know how my life would turn out. Every day I make an effort to learn something new about art and every day I draw or work on something creative.

For a while, I wrote music, poetry, and occasionally do some freelance graphic design work. However, though all that I believe I am the most content when I am producing something visually creative through art. For me art is life.

The Steps In Creating The Ian and Trevor Jackson Drawing

Here are the steps in sequence to how the illustration of the two kings Ian and Trevor Jackson was created.

Two Kings Artwork

The Two Kings In Gold

Below is the final render of the illustration of the two kings Ian and Trevor Jackson. The artwork is very significant to the two brothers.

I did some research online and gathered the information I needed to illustrate an artwork that would actually represent the two. Egyptian art alongside art nouveau profoundly influenced my art series.

Jean-Michel Basquiat

I also credit Jean-Michel Basquiat for triggering the idea that we are all kings and queens. Some of us fail to see that we are more than what others see in us and how we define ourselves.

The Royalty Art Series I developed is a collection of art of public figures and celebrities that I find interesting. I also decided to create specific individuals because I am a fan of their body of work.

The Details Surrounding The Two Kings

Two Kings Artwork
Two Kings Artwork

The crystals, gold and other creative elements were all essential and necessary in composing the artwork. Silver and gold have long been materials associated with luxury, royalty, and elegance. Therefore, I decided it would be great to apply these visual materials as a part of each of the illustrations I produced in the series. Thus far I've created nine pieces in the art collection.

The artwork of the two brothers is available in print on paper and canvas through the Kenalsworld art store.

Final Thoughts On The Artwork

The Ian and Trevor Jackson Illustration is an original art piece I hope in the years to come people will come across and appreciate for the creative vision behind the artwork.

More Royalty Art Pieces

Art Prints Available

All of the illustrations are available in print via the store page. Prints available on canvas, paper, metal, and acrylic.


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