Willow Smith Art Illustration, Drawing, and Digital Painting

Willow Smith Art Illustration by Illustrator Kenal Louis

Creating this Willow Smith illustration required some research on my part as an artist. This art piece is one of many I am creating of celebrities and public personas, that many people idolize and find fascinating. Willow Smith is an interesting soul and being. From the sound of her music to the many various images she have portrayed so early in her life already. Not to mention, the lineage that she comes from as the daughter of two stars in Will Smith and wife Jada Pinkett Smith.

willow illustration web size

Willow Smith Art Illustration Details

Below are some of the detail close-ups in the Willow Smith art piece that I cropped to show.

willow preview

willow crystals

willow crystals frame

Willow Smith Art Illustration, Drawing, and Digital Painting

willow preview

Willow Smith eye lips

The Process In Creating The Willow Smith Art Illustration

willow smith drawing

willow smith drawing

During the creation of this illustration I played a few of Willow’s music on repeat; one of the songs that was in my ears repeatedly is “9” featuring SZA. Watch the following video of her performance live for The FADER – music magazine.

Jaden Smith – PCH ft. Willow Smith

Another song that was in duration during the process of creating these artworks is “PCH” by Jaden Smith featuring Willow Smith.

Willow Smith Art Illustration by Kenal Louis

jaden smith and willow smith art painting


Willow Smith Art Illustration, Drawing, and Digital Painting

golden preview5

The artwork took me between 16-20 hours to complete. The time it requires to blend colors and re-define edges in the painting digitally require a lot of focus and patience. I can only imagine creating this painting from scratch with oil would take me weeks upon weeks. Doing digital paintings save me a lot of time and resources as an artist. Not all of us have all the resources we desire at the tip of our fingers. The digital age to some take away from the creative process of making art, but I don’t believe that is the total truth. One could argue that digital photography is poison, but it have allowed photographers and creatives to create images beyond others imaginations.

If you enjoy this artwork, please share it and purchase a print if interested in owning the artwork.

The Willow Smith Art Illustration Prints

framed willow smith print

Framed Willow Smith print


Willow Smith Art Illustration, Drawing, and Digital Painting by Kenal Louis

Purchase This Willow Smith Illustration On Canvas

willow smith canvas art


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Willow Smith Art Illustration, Drawing, and Digital Painting

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