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June 26, 2017

How An Artist Impacts A Community | Words Of Affirmation by Patty Talbert


How can an artist impact a community? Patty Talbert is the example of an artist that has a positive effect on her community through words of affirmation.

Words of affirmation used to bring a positive message to a community.

I first met Patty in 2013 after moving to an art community in Council Bluffs, Iowa where I resided for a little over a year. Since then we've kept in touch, I've followed her many creative expressions on her Instagram and Facebook pages.

Words of Affirmation

The Art of Batiking and Mixing Paint

Patty is a visual artist who practices Batiking and paints on wood, canvas as well as creates batik wooden jewelry/furniture.

All of the work that she produces are created out of much care, patience, time and done through a pure process. She takes pride and care in doing something artist neglect doing; this being mixing her own paint.

Though this may seem like a simple thing to do, but it's not. Patty mixes her own paint to get the exact hues and tones that she desires instead of buying bottles of paint that are already pre-mixed for sale on shelves.

Now, this is not to say that there is anything wrong with buying paint bottles that are already mixed; I am simply giving you an example of how much passion and time she put into producing her artwork from the very beginning of their creation.

​The things that we do as artists for our community leaves a memory with people that will resonate for a long time.

Let's Talk About A Recent Art Show by Patty

The name for the exhibition/show I attended last weekend at the Harvester Artspace Lofts was entitled "I Like Ur Face". You might think that this is a humorous title for a show, but continue reading and you will understand. Let me paint you a picture with words... Better yet, see how Patty creates influential art with words. I mean this in the most literal sense.

The purpose behind the art exhibition that Patty planned and organized surrounded the idea of promoting positive words of affirmation. Words and phrases like "You Are Beautiful", "I Like Ur Face", "Love U More", "Smile", "Believe", and so much more.

Words have the power to destroy, but also have the power to uplift and inspired positive change.​

The Gallery of Photos Captured At The Exhibition


The Works of An Artist

While at the event I took my time to count a number of pieces that Patty painted and carved for the show, which was over 130+ artworks.

When I talked to her at the show she mentioned that she created all of the pieces in roughly 4 weeks. I draw sketches and an illustration daily and have been creating art since I could remember; I have never created that many pieces by hand in such a short period of time.

Even with this large amount of pieces in that time frame Patty was energized and did not seem close to being exhausted for the event.

Having coordinated a solo exhibition before I know the amount of energy it takes. As an artist, you have to create the body of work you are going to share with the world and also have to plan how you are going to share it with the world.

On The Facebook event page, Patty mentioned that the body of artworks were inspired by her love for herself, you, and our communities. Her goal is to spread positive energy through the use of these words of affirmation, colors, and patterns reflected in each of her art pieces.

Click Here To Watch Patty's Interview and Coverage by WOWT Channel 6 News.

We Need More Words of Affirmation

With much of the tragedies that occur daily and the terrible news broadcasted on television/online, we truly need more impactful artist such as Patty to catalyze a shift in the culture.

I myself feel inspired by what she is doing with her style and the positive direction behind her art. I may develop a series myself with visual illustrations representing a few affirmations.

To know Patty as a person is an honor because I get a first-hand experience many around the world do not get a chance to have; that is a personal interaction with the artist.

You should practice words of affirmation in your own life and also speak them over the ones you meet and love.

As a person of faith, I myself along with my love ones practice speaking great things into existence over our lives. I believe in the power of positive thinking.  

Health Ambition

Taking care of your health you have to consider many things. The body, the mind and the soul.  Health Ambition is a site that shares insightful content about health for the human body as well as promoting health in general. They also have these amazing tips on the power of positive thinking on their site.

In another article on Huffington Post, Dr. Carmen Harra put together a post entitled "35 Affirmations that will change your life"; worth a read.

The Impact On The Community

Throughout history, art has long inspired discussion and raised issues for debate. For a good majority of the studies in art history, most sparked discussion out of propaganda or because of outrage. Both of these reasons were far from the positive message that Patty delivers and expresses through her art.

I've always believed art is a great conversation starter. With this belief, I always had it in my mind that the best place to take someone on a date is to a museum. One does not necessarily have to be an expert at critiquing art; visual art has the power to trigger thoughts, which can be expressed through words in some way.

The art series created by Patty does this and more. From the show, she has sold many pieces from the 130+ artworks that will be gracing the homes of the buyers once the exhibition is over.

Reside In The Midwest? Come See The Collection Before It Ends

For more information, you can reach the artist at the following contact information listed below. There will be a showing almost every Saturday at the Harvester Artspace Lofts from October 22 through the Holidays.

Patty Talbert
Harvester ArtSpace Lofts
1000 S Main St.
Council Bluffs, Iowa 51503
For appointment email: pattysart64[at]hotmail.com

You can also email Patty to commission a custom piece or inquire regarding an art piece from her recent collection.

Here Are 7 Quick Tips On How You Can Impact Your Community With Your Art

  1. Develop an art series or sculpture that Is a symbol for your community
  2. Document your community history through visual art
  3. Create a program for your in your community
  4. Collaborate with another artist to promote diversity of culture
  5. Make it a goal to use your art to encourage engagement in you community
  6. Create a team of creatives to bring entertainment and joy to your community
  7. Produce a collection of art that brings awareness to a need in the community

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