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World Of Music Blog Online With Talented Featured Musicians

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World Of Music Blog Online That Have Featured Musicians

Featuring musicians and writing not only something unique for them, but also providing a quality presence in the feature for musicians is the power and driving force behind Kenalsworld. As the primary blogger I find it enjoyable to have a site that I can consider my world of music and that can serve as others world of music. When writing about a musicians the experience and time that is put forth towards researching about the artists, listening and deciphering the lyrics, and analyzing the artist’s or bands persona is also a big part of creating quality blogs about a musician.

Taking a deeper look at their craft in music in relation to how they write and produce their music. A deeper connecting is built between me and the artist’s or bands music. From genres such as pop, rock, country or r&b. Almost every artist have a story to tell through either their music or a message to express. Though Some stories are more emotional than others and certain artists express their emotion better than others through their music, but nevertheless most musicians have a tale to tell in regards to their quest to becoming a successful or well-known musician.

World Of Music Blog Online That Have Featured Musicians


world of music for featured musicians

Kenalsworld A World Of Music For Featured Musicians


Artists: Jarell Perry (Alternative R&B)| Pryce (Hip-Hop/Rap)| Katie Belle (Country Pop) | KDREW (Pop/Dubstep)| Eric Genuis (Classical) | Tinashe (R&B/Pop) and More.

World Of Music Blog Online That Have Featured Musicians

The foundation of the Kenalsworld blog was created and built originally for the purpose to showcase and share simply and only my art, graphic design and music written and recorded by myself as well as my co-writers. However, as time passed the blog’s original focus and intent shifted to something that would become much more, diverse, and less private to being more commercial. Following receiving several emails from independent musicians and marketing companies that were promoting musicians the entire look to the very presence of the website transformed to what it is today. Kenalsworld became a world of music for featured musicians both independent and mainstream artists.

Featured Musicians On Kenalsworld World Of Music

Since first launched in April of 2012 much have happened with Kenalsworld. The featured musicians section of the site is only going to get better. Kenalsworld is truly a wold of music and a source for musicians, bands, label, and agents to submit music and pres skits to for possible features on the creative art, music and design website. Though the website is still growing I find it amazing when gifted and unsigned musicians send me their music for review along with my staff. There is so many talent out there and as an artist both in the visual arts and music I believe in helping other talented musicians have a possibility of being exposed through the blog.

Genres Kenalsworld Of Past Featured Musicians




Alternative R&B


Soft Rock

and a few international artists.

Top World Of Music Blog Online


World of music featured musicians

World of music featured musicians


World Of Music Blog Online That Have Featured Musicians


  • Biography

  • 2-5 Professional or High Quality Photos

  • Social Network Links or Website

  • MP3 file of song promoting or YouTube Video To Song Promoting

World Of Music by Kenal Louis



Kenal Louis

Kenal Louis – Blogger, Designer, Poet, Musician


Kenal Louis

I am always looking for industry artists,unsigned talents, and independent musicians to feature on my websites. If you have a press release or press kit and you are a musician or know a musician, visit my website Kenalsworld homepage below and on the contact page you will find the submission email to send your (promo music or album/mixtape, biography, and pictures).


Twitter @ Kenalmusic

World Of Music Blog Online That Have Featured Musicians

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