Zendaya Drawing – The Most Beautiful Zendaya Art You Need To See

The following 3 Zendaya Drawing art pieces are all illustrations created of the beauty. Each artwork is unique in style specific to Zendaya.Creating the detailed drawings require a lot of research. Over the past years, I’ve taken many forms of art and interpret them visually with my creative direction.

Creating the detailed drawings require a lot of research. Over the past years, I’ve taken many forms of art and interpret them visually with my creative direction.

Whether I was drawing or painting, I tried and experimented with many different ways of creating art with traditional media and digital media. With a background in digital imaging and media arts, a lot of my ideas were sparked from something I saw or a discussion I had.

Zendaya Drawing & Digital Painting

The first drawing of the Zendaya drawing and art series is an artwork I created inspired by her song “Neverland” for the official Broadway Neverland soundtrack.

Zendaya Neverland Drawing

This drawing took a few days to build because although Peter Pan is a bit nostalgic for me because it takes me back to my childhood. I remember when I first watched the 90’s version of Peter Pan “Hook” featuring Robin Williams as Peter Pan. The film was truly magical in its essence and plot. The 90’s film also featured some great A-list actors like Julia Roberts, Dustin Hoffman, Maggie Smith, and the late Bob Hoskins.

Images Within An Image

The artwork is one of many that I created as part of a circle drawing series I am developing and ongoing in a 1,000 drawing collection. Some have viewed the artwork in this style as collage art. Even though the drawing is not a collage, I understand why the ideas were conveyed when it came to the drawing.

Creating images within the picture was part of the goal in making this drawing a detailed and symbolic art piece. Finding images that represented Neverland itself was a part of creating the entire artwork. The skull cave, the flying ship, and English clock tower as well as silhouettes of Peter Pan and Tinkerbell.

The Neverland Black and Gold Drawing

The Zendaya drawing

This version of the “Neverland” inspired artwork with the idea of creating a gold accent art. Implied gold is a method I’ve also incorporated into my art.

Gold has always been a metal associated with the concept of luxury. Below are some closeups of the details in the artwork.

The artwork was first drawn with a pencil and later inked with a felt pen and black marker. It is one of my many lines drawing art pieces.
Zendaya Drawing by Kenal Louis

The next illustration I created of Zendaya is the most detailed and a portrait of the beauty I produced with value, shading, lighting and distinct creative direction.

I wanted to illustrate Zendaya as a queen a included her as a part of my royalty art series.

I started with a sketch of Zendaya and refined the drawing of her. Once I created the sketch, I drew a complete drawing of her with some other surrounding elements. The whole concept came about after a visit to the local library. Inspired by the ear of Art Nouveaux I developed these digital paintings of a few selected celebrities to illustrate as pharaohs and queens.

SZA Drawing Art, Illustration and Digital Painting

Following the contour line drawing, color selection was next in the process of creating the Zendaya drawing that would eventually become a finished digital painting.

Below are cropped details of the from the illustration of the beauty. Zendaya has become one of the biggest brand ambassadors for many beauty and fashion companies. Many brands such as Vogue, Covergirl, Cosmopolitan, and Disney have all been represented by the star.

The Zendaya Illustration Details

The Zendaya artwork details seen below. The lighting around the subject is symbolic to her zodiac and birth. Each illustration created of the celebrities are illustrations that correspond to the Zodiacs and birthstones.

I read up on the celebrities that I choose to illustrate.  So I took some time to learn more about Zendaya, although I am already aware of how talented she is as a person.

The Complete Zendaya Illustration – Digital Painting

Two Jellyfish and three roses represent the fluid aspect of the artwork, and the beauty Zendaya represents. Also, Zendaya illuminated all surrounded by gold is a way that I express luxury in each of the digital paintings.

Details In The Painting

In the following detailed cropped images of the artwork I implied a lot of highlights, reflections and tiny details that build up the overall artwork. Highlights from the strands of her hair to the writing of her name on her lips.

Learning About Zendaya

Zendaya was born on September 1, 1996, in Oakland, California. She started acting as a child according to biography.com doing productions at the California Shakespeare Theather. Zendaya studied at the Oakland School for the Arts and around the age of 14 made her television debut with Disney starring in Shake It Up. From there she would sign a music recording deal with Hollywood Records and become one of the Dancing With The Stars participants.

Zendaya’s opportunity in the Disney series is not the first big gig she landed. Before working with Disney, she modeled for Macy’s and Old Navy. It is also apparent that she values family and is very close to her own as well have gained many celebrity friends.

Zendaya Drawing  | Art

In a previous post, I wrote about this next artwork. The illustration was done in the style of a comic illustration and vector line drawing. After the artwork had been done, I published it on Instagram, where Zendaya liked the image, and it gained over 1,600 likes from her fans.

“Something New” is a song she released featuring Chris Brown. This was the second piece out of a trilogy series I produced of Zendaya.

Zendaya Black and White Drawing Illustration

Zendaya Digital Illustration

Zendaya Prints Available

Each of the artwork is available as prints in the art store section of Kenalsworld. Prints can be purchased on canvas, metal, and acrylic. Each illustration is unique in their style, but a different representation of the artist.

All three art pieces are available for purchase today as part of a triptych of Zendaya.

The Zendaya Illustration For Sale on Canvas

Beauties From The Royalty Art Series