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July 3, 2017

Zendaya Drawing – The Most Beautiful Zendaya Art You Need To See

Do you love Zendaya? I love Zendaya, so much that I created this series of Zendaya drawing collections. She is a phenomenal actress, singer, and dancer.

The First Drawing of Zendaya

The Zendaya Drawing

Ever since I can remember I have always loved the story of Peter Pan. 

The most nostalgic Peter Pan movie I can say brings me back to my childhood is Robin Williams Hook film. Hook was released in 1991 according to IMDb.

The Zendaya Drawing In Ink 

​I was only 1 years old when they film debuted, but I remember watching it when I was 5 or 6 years old. The emotion and feeling that I felt when I watched the movie was magical.

I can't recall vividly everything, but I know I was amazed by the story, colors and magical experience the movie expressed.

The artwork was first drawn with a pencil and later inked with a felt pen and black marker. It is one of my many lines drawing art pieces.

There are a lot of elements and small imagery I drew in the circle in order to make the Zendaya artwork complete. 

The Zendaya Drawing

The zendaya drawing in black and gold.

The Zendaya Drawing

The zendaya drawing in full color.

The Zendaya Drawing Details

The skull cave in the Zendaya Drawing inspired by Neverland.

The Zendaya Drawing Details

The pirate ship in the Zendaya Drawing inspired by Neverland.

Zendayas's Debut

In 2010 Zendaya begin a journey that would forever change her life when she landed a role on Disney's sitcom show Shake It Up.  She was 13 at the time and this would bring her much recognition and start her rise to fame according to Biography.com.

I've heard rumors of how strict Disney is when it comes to their content and their selection process. It only makes sense that the world biggest children entertainment company would have a critical audition and system. Being the best in any business require you to have extremely high standards to upkeep the quality of content you produce.

Staying on top is tough, so I understand why Disney is so tough and strict about their brand. The legacy of Disney is incredible and their is no other company who can compete in the realm of entertainment from the youth.

From Disney She Only Excelled

Zendaya's jpurney didn't end with Disney. Like some of the biggest names who came from Disney like Justin Timberlake, Miley Cyrus, Hilary Duff, and Shia LaBeouf to name a few Zendaya continue to excel. She have grace the cover of Vogue, Teen Vogue, Allure, and more. Her imprint in the fashion industry go from being a Cover Girl to being a judge on Project Runway.

I am certain Zendaya will only continue to add more to her own legacy and accomplishments. She is beauty and she is talent.

The next illustration I created of Zendaya is the most detailed and a portrait of the beauty I produced with value, shading, lighting and distinct creative direction.

I wanted to illustrate Zendaya as a queen a included her as a part of my royalty art series.

I started with a sketch of Zendaya and refined the drawing of her. Once I created the sketch, I drew a complete drawing of her with some other surrounding elements. The whole concept came about after a visit to the local library. Inspired by the ear of Art Nouveaux I developed these digital paintings of a few selected celebrities to illustrate as pharaohs and queens.

The Second Drawing of Zendaya

Following the contour line drawing, color selection was next in the process of creating the Zendaya drawing that would eventually become a finished digital painting.

Zendaya Drawing by Kenal Louis

The Zendaya Sketch

The Zendaya Sketch

The Contour Drawing

Zendaya Represents Beauty

Below are cropped details of the from the illustration of the beauty. Zendaya has become one of the biggest brand ambassadors for many beauty and fashion companies. Many brands such as Vogue, Covergirl, Cosmopolitan, and Disney have all been represented by the star.

The Zendaya Digital Painting
The Zendaya Digital Painting

The Zendaya Illustration Details

The Zendaya artwork details seen below. The lighting around the subject is symbolic to her zodiac and birth. Each illustration created of the celebrities are illustrations that correspond to the Zodiacs and birthstones.

The Zendaya Digital Painting

The Zendaya Illustration Digital Painting

I read up on the celebrities that I choose to illustrate. So I took some time to learn more about Zendaya, although I am already aware of how talented she is as a person.

Two Jellyfish and three roses represent the fluid aspect of the artwork, and the beauty Zendaya represents. Also, Zendaya illuminated all surrounded by gold is a way that I express luxury in each of the digital paintings.

Details In The Painting

In the following detailed cropped images of the artwork I implied a lot of highlights, reflections and tiny details that build up the overall artwork.

Highlights from the strands of her hair to the writing of her name on her lips. I spent a lot of time of the details that go unnoticed when people view the entire artwork. The reason I spend hours painting or drawing these small details is because they make the overall illustrations unique.

The Zendaya Digital Painting
The Zendaya Digital Painting
The Zendaya Digital Painting
The Zendaya Digital Painting

Learning About Zendaya

Zendaya was born on September 1, 1996, in Oakland, California. She started acting as a child according to biography.com doing productions at the California Shakespeare Theather. Zendaya studied at the Oakland School for the Arts and around the age of 14 made her television debut with Disney starring in Shake It Up. From there she would sign a music recording deal with Hollywood Records and become one of the Dancing With The Stars participants.

Zendaya's opportunity in the Disney series is not the first big gig she landed. Before working with Disney, she modeled for Macy's and Old Navy. It is also apparent that she values family and is very close to her own as well have gained many celebrity friends.

The Third Drawing of Zendaya 

The Third Drawing of Zendaya

In a previous post, I wrote about this next artwork. The illustration was done in the style of a comic illustration and vector line drawing.

After the artwork had been done, I published it on Instagram, where Zendaya liked the image, and it gained over 1,600 likes from her fans.

"Something New" is a song she released featuring Chris Brown. This was the second piece out of a trilogy series I produced of Zendaya.

Zendaya Prints Available

Each of the artwork is available as prints in the art store section of Kenalsworld. Prints can be purchased on canvas, metal, and acrylic. Each illustration is unique in their style, but a different representation of the artist.

Zendaya Drawing

All three art pieces are available for purchase today as part of a triptych of Zendaya.

Original Art

In the store page on Kenallouis.com, there are also original artworks and limited edition prints on my art available for purchase. Whenever I create new pieces from my art series that I develop I will add one to two new pieces in the store. 

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