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March 6, 2017

Zendaya Neverland Drawing – A Magical Illustration Inspired by Pan

The following Zendaya Neverland drawing and Illustration was created by Artist Kenal Louis. The artwork is composed of several images from the fairy-tale.

Neverland Soundstrack

Neverland Soundstrack

"Neverland" is the leading song from one of Zendaya's latest musical projects. The project is part of a collective of songs performed by many great musicians; Musicians such as Christina Aguilera, John Legend, Nick Jonas, and Jon Bon Jovi along with many more great musicians. When I first heard Zendaya's "Neverland" I was inspired to create an illustration that expressed my perspective of the Magic of the story of Peter Pan in Neverland.

Listen and watch the "Neverland" music video on YouTube.

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Finding Neverland The Album (Songs From The Broadway Musical)

The Zendaya Neverland Drawing Details

Neverland Drawing

I wanted to make the artwork a little bit more special to the talented artist and created a necklace with her birth sign. The artwork is composed with roughly over 25 different forms of imagery within the entire piece. View some of the cropped details below.

Neverland Drawing

One of the key sources of inspiration for this artwork is the chorus of the song; see below.

Neverland Drawing

We can sail away tonight
On a sea of pure moonlight
We can navigate the stars
Bring us back home
In a place so far away
We'll be young that's how we'll stay
Every wish is a command
When we find ourselves in Never Neverland

The Final Look of the Drawing

This is the final look of the drawing I created.

Neverland Drawing
Neverland Drawing
Zendaya Neverland Wallpaper

Below is also a free wallpaper design I created of the artwork that you can download and save to your laptop, ipad, tablet or desktop to support the project.

Neverland Drawing Wallpaper

The Process on Instagram

Zendaya Neverland Drawing by Kenal Louis

Zendaya Neverland Drawing and Illustration
Zendaya Neverland Drawing and Illustration
Zendaya Neverland Drawing and Illustration

The drawing for the "Zendaya Neverland" artwork was first sketched in pencil for the composition. In the beginning I had no idea that I would be adding as much details to the artwork as I did. Once the pencil sketch was done I then went on to ink the artwork with a black indian ink pen. Following the ink drawing, the illustration was then taken into Photoshop for coloring.

The result from the digital coloring:​

Zendaya Neverland Drawing and Illustration


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