Zoe Kravitz Drawing Art, Illustration and Digital Painting

Zoe Kravitz Illustration by Kenal Louis

Creating this Illustration of Zoe Kravitz required some detail research on her interest and the things that she find appealing. As an artist I wanted to make the art piece unique to her; doing research on her background, birthplace and roots was necessary. Although I am familiar with her iconic parents and her role in the entertainment world as an actress, I was not aware that she created music. She is not only a beauty who acts on the big screen, she is a multi-talented beauty. Capturing her beauty in this artwork and making it one of a kind was my goal.

Queen Zoe Kravitz digital painting

This piece is one of the few pieces I am creating in a royalty series. The series include more illustrations similar to this style combining contemporary art with a combination of art nouveau. In the art piece so far I have created one of Willow Smith as well, which can be viewed on Kenalsworld.

Creating The Zoe Kravitz Drawing

Zoe Bella Kravtiz Drawing Illustrating Art

Some inspiration also came from listening to some of her music, as her persona LOLAWOLF. In the video below pop star Miley Cyrus makes an appearance.

The Zoe Kravitz Drawing | Art Illustration’s Flat colors

Using solid block colors was one of the very important aspects in creating this illustration, that I focused on. In the version below I included the 9 planets in our solar system, but later decided to removed them because I thought it was a bit too much for the overall artwork.

Zoe Bella Kravtiz Drawing Illustrating Art-2

Zoe Kravitz Drawing Details

Zoe Bella Kravtiz Drawing Illustrating Art-4

zoe kravitz earing

zoe kravitz tattoos

zoe kravitz

The Detail In The Zoe Kravitz Illustration | Digital Painting

Queen Zoe Kravitz bw

Zoe Kravitz Fan Art| Digital Painting In Black and White

Zoe Bella Kravtiz Drawing Illustrating Art-6

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A print of the illustration can be purchased here or on the Kenalsworld art store page.

Zoe Bella Kravtiz Drawing Illustrating Art-7


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Zoe Kravitz Drawing Art, Illustration and Digital Painting


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